Before being a brand, Naxa is a bold project.

Since its inception, we have believed in the power of integration as a true evolutionary factor: over the years, we have integrated vertical skills, companies, and cross-cutting know-how, human and technological resources, but above all, authentic ideas.

We have invested in and believed in ideas, transforming many of them into projects, businesses, and brands.

Today, we aim to be more than just a group of companies or a simple network but a system of brands, people, and skills constantly open to opportunities and changes around us.

This is the philosophy at the core of the Naxa System,

which includes Naxa, Run Design, Swype, Ekko, and all the client brands that have shared part of their journey with us over the past sixteen years, no one excluded.

Naxa is the communication agency committed to the development of authentic communication. It operates on various dimensions, all connected to strategy, and develops precise solutions thanks to vertical expertise.

Born digital, we integrate skills to develop only authentic solutions.

Run Design is the strategic branding and design agency that transforms the brand into a memorable experience. Using the proprietary method RUN™, it works on various dimensions: positioning, strategy, identity, experience.

We identify the differentiating element of the brand to create unforgettable brands.

Swype is the web & app development laboratory that combines technical skills, creativity, and consultancy to create digital and managerial solutions that interpret the needs of the individual company and its clients.

We use technology to help SMEs leverage their potential.

Ekko is the consulting company that, starting from a thorough analysis of organizations’ intangible assets, develops strategies to transform them into value, capitalizing on them and strengthening the corporate heritage.

Together, we discover and enhance the hidden value of companies.

The Pillars Supporting Our Vision

Technical Skills

Our digital soul and continuous curiosity drive us to learn, delve deeper, and constantly acquire new technical skills. The strength of ideas, combined with the analysis and always original approaches, is expressed in high-performance projects that lead to tangible results.

Innovative Ideas

Naxa has always been an agency of enthusiasts. Enthusiasm opens up to stimuli from our people, clients, and the market; stimuli generate ideas, ideas lead to innovation, and innovation makes the project scope flexible and dynamic, virtually limitless.


Solidity is present in every aspect of the Naxa system and an integral part of its philosophy: it is the solidity of ideas, professionalism, commitment, resources, and the enterprise. It is reliability and resilience, experience, and the ability to respond appropriately to a market and a world in evolution.


Authenticity is always and foremost made of trust. Clarity of intentions and processes that Naxa shares not only internally but also with its clients and partners.

Create your authentic communication with us.

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