Strategy and consulting are the guiding lights of the Naxa System

A commitment to be honored daily as we accompany our clients in conceiving and implementing solutions capable of making a difference in their business.

Essential for understanding the market, setting and achieving specific business objectives, distinguishing the brand from competitors, and emerging online with a unique and recognizable proposition, strategic consulting is a journey based on listening that begins with analysis. Our specialists gather and analyze the communicative approach of the company and its competitors, define the current positioning, and lay the groundwork for developing a strategy to meet shared goals.

Skills and services . Strategy & Consulting

Brand positioning

It is the positioning that the brand occupies in the market from a communication perspective compared to competitors and in the minds of its customers. Brand positioning aims to make the brand not only distinctive but also desirable.

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Channel Strategy

It is how companies reach their target audience through specific touchpoints along the entire purchase journey. It is the plan that governs customer exposure, engagement, and experience.

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Content Strategy

Content Strategy provides companies with a planned and systematic approach to producing, distributing and managing content capable of communicating the brand.

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Start with strategy, define positioning and communication channels with us.

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