Before being a brand,
Naxa is a bold project.

We are a brand system, a collective of individuals, and communication experts, consistently open to opportunities and changes around us.

Our service areas.

We craft authentic solutions that span across four service areas, all guided by robust strategic thinking developed around the real needs and identity of our clients.


Strategy & Consulting

We guide our clients in conceiving and implementing solutions that can make a difference in their business.

Creativity & Design

We give shape and substance to the uniqueness of our clients through the design and implementation of communication tools.

Digital marketing

We integrate communication into digital channels, leveraging web visibility platforms and tools to achieve clear, shared, and measurable communication goals.

Web & Tech solutions

Creativity meets technical expertise and a constant passion for innovation for developing and managing web platforms such as websites, e-commerce, apps, and CRM solutions.

When you choose Naxa

You’ll have a dedicated team for your project, consisting of consultants, strategists, and specialists who will:


Thoroughly analyze your brand, business goals, competitors, and the target market from a communication perspective.


Develop an authentic project and a multichannel communication strategy based on your actual needs, realizing all planned touchpoints.


Manage and monitor the plan, keeping you updated on its progress with periodic strategic updates.

The brands that have chosen us

Create your authentic communication with us.

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