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Achieve your goals with a digital communication strategy

Develop a complete and functional web marketing plan.Choose the digital channels to monitor and the type of content to convey to your target audience.
Website, social media, landing page, blog, email, advertising, search engines. Where and how do you want to get your message out?


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What is a digital communication strategy?
Objectives, content and channels

A digital communication strategy is the detailed planning of your online communication. It is based on the synergy between two fundamental elements: content and channels.

Content is the essence of your communication. They are persuasive texts, photos, videos, infographics, informative articles, webinars, ebooks, whitepapers or podcasts.

Digital channels are the tools to convey your content. Then website, social media, landing page, blogs, emails, web ads and search engines.

With an effective strategy, you can intercept your audience on the appropriate channels and communicate your uniqueness, value and ideas. And therefore improve business performance and achieve business goals.

For a good strategy, informed decisions must be made. This is why this phase is the result of scenario analysis and brand positioning.

Why developing an online communication strategy? 3 fundamental advantages

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Communicate your uniqueness, value and ideas

Define your online business communication. Intercept your audience on the appropriate channels, convey differentiating messages and be recognised among all your competitors.

Achieve your goals, track results and optimise performance

Transform your needs into clear and defined goals. Then set KPIs, and performance metrics, monitor data, and continuously optimise your strategy.

Transform cold contacts into loyal customers

Guide your users on their purchase journey or buyer journey. Build your sales funnel: the set of mental and digital stages that lead a consumer to purchase.

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How to develop a digital strategy?
The inbound approach and the funnel

An effective digital strategy is based on inbound marketing.

This is magnetic marketing: the aim is to attract potential customers by offering them useful and interesting content. But let’s proceed in order.

Here are a strategy’s ingredients.

Digital check-up

A digital check-up is a detailed analysis of your online presence. It is the first step to understanding how you are positioned on the various web marketing channels.

It examines websites, search engines, advertising campaigns and social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

Definition of objectives and KPIs

Once you have framed your starting point, we define SMART business objectives. It is an acronym that stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and defined over time (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-based).

We will also define KPIs, which are performance metrics. To evaluate the results objectively and have references for the optimisation of the strategy.

Inbound strategy and funnel development

The inbound method allows you to transform unknown users into loyal customers.

It all starts from the study of your buyer personas and the reconstruction of their purchase path. This translates into the funnel: the set of steps of the buyer journey. At each stage, we activate communications aimed at winning users over and making them proceed along the purchase path.

Digital Touchpoint Scheduling

For each phase of the funnel, we provide digital touchpoints. These are points of contact between your company and your audience. Each interaction allows you to develop a relationship. And then move buyers into the funnel.

There are 2 elements of an online touchpoint, and they are always them. Content and channels.

Choice of digital channels

Based on the characteristics of your target audience, we will define which channels are appropriate to propose your presence.

Many variables influence this choice: your needs, the characteristics of your buyers and the content you want to convey. But the most important thing is your customers’ digital habits like: what channels they use and how.

Choice of content

We will identify the most appropriate content for your communication needs.

What are the best formats to convey your messages? Blogs, photos, videos, emails, or ads? Definitely a blend of all these. It all depends on the purpose of each touchpoint within your funnel.

Our experience

We are HubSpot Gold Partners: affiliates of the 1st marketing software in the world.

HubSpot is the company that invented the inbound method in 2006, making it famous all over the world. Our digital strategists and inbound specialists will develop your digital communication strategy aimed at your goals.


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