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Stand out from competitors thanks to your positioning strategy

Be unique and recognisable.
Brand positioning is the space your brand occupies in consumers’ minds.
The goal of positioning yourself on the market? Become the first brand that consumers think about when they approach your industry.


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What is brand positioning?
Between differentiation, identity and communication

It is the positioning of your brand, company, product or service in people’s minds. The aim is to differentiate yourself from competitors and to emerge in your market.

To do this, you can bet on any of your distinctive elements. Product features, customer-experience offering to customers, the promise of value and much more.

This translates into the definition of your brand positioning statement. It is the manifesto that declares what message you will want to give to the market, which affirms your business communication.

In the next phase of brand identity design, you can give life to your brand’s identity. This includes their personality, image and distinctive features.

Why positioning your brand? 3 advantages of being unique

Are you ready to differentiate yourself?


Become the reference brand in your market

Earn the title of “top of mind“: the first brand that consumers think about when they relate to your sector. Choosing your brand will be easier for customers.

Increase brand awareness and make yourself known online

Improve the reputation of your brand, and emerge in your market. Make your business communication and content stand out on digital channels.

Engage your audience, find new customers and retain them

Communicate your vision of the world, your mission, values and brand promise. Then take advantage of all this to generate engagement, conquer and retain your target audience.

Are you ready to differentiate yourself?


Where to place yourself?
Strategy analysis before the strategy

Positioning yourself on the market is a matter of choice. How do you want to be remembered? How do you want to be perceived? Which emotions do you want to arouse?

To make decisions, you need to be informed. The first step is the scenario analysis. You will need to know:

  • Your market, competitors, strengths and weaknesses, thanks to a SWOT analysis
  • Your target audience, thanks to buyer personas
  • Your current state on digital channels, with as-is analysis
  • Your short, medium and long term goals

How to position your brand?
Brand positioning statement and brand identity

After the first analysis phase, you can proceed with the development of your brand positioning document. This is closely linked to the brand identity, which will then be developed in the activity of brand identity design.

What are the elements of branding? Here they are:


Vision is the image of the desired future, of who you want to be and how you want to make a difference. The vision reflects your ideals, values and aspirations.

It also includes the general view of the market and the interpretation of the role that your company will have in the future in the economic and social context.


The mission is your company’s ultimate goal, the positive contribution you want to make to your customers and society. It is also an element that distinguishes you from other players on the market.

The mission is the way forward to realise the vision.


Your values, or core values, are your company’s deepest values.

These reflect its character and principles and constitute the “guidelines” for every activity and communication. They are divided into macro and micro-values, according to their depth level.

Brand promise & reason why

The brand promise or value proposition is the promise you make to your customers. It is the motivation that drives them to buy.

The reason why is the argument that makes your brand promise credible. This is why your company believes it can maintain its value proposition.

Customer experience: the functional and emotional benefits

Customer experience is what you offer your audience every time people relate to your brand.

Understands the functional and emotional benefits you choose to fulfil. What are the tangible benefits you offer, and what emotional values do you bring to your customers?

Brand identity & brand image

The identity and your brand image are the tangible manifestations of your company. They include:

  • The naming, the name. It must reflect the company, be distinctive and easy to remember.
  • The payoff, or tagline, is a short phrase that summaries the brand’s essence
  • The logo is your hallmark
  • The coordinated image is the set of visual elements that distinguish you: colours, fonts, shapes, graphic style
  • Communication, composed of tone of voice, communicative style and approach to the different channels

These aspects are are linked to brand positioning, but they are parte of the brand identity design activities.

Our experience

Our brand positioning specialists and marketing strategists will accompany you through defining your market positioning.

The process will culminate in the definition of your brand positioning statement, the “manifesto” of your positioning.


Successful brand positioning

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Are you ready to position yourself on the market?

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