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Not being there is not always the right answer
Today some companies still choose not to be present on social media. This isn't always the solution, especially because the absence of a profile or company page places the brand in a condition of not being able to answer customer questions, critical issues and share information and news with a broad audience, in real time.
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Why is Social Media Marketing important?
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Listen, above all else
Listening is the new mantra of Social Media Marketing: a profound understanding of conversations surrounding your brand, products, services, your competitors and reference market. Listening carefully is the only way to develop a winning engagement strategy, capable of providing information of absolute interest for your business. Social media are also promotional and perspective advertising platforms, capable of making all the difference.
Tone of voice and sentiment monitoring
We are aware that each brand has its own, well-defined identity, which we'll interpret in the best possible way. We'll define the ideal conversation calendar for you, with the perfect blend of technical contributions and emotional contents. You'll strike the right note for your public, with a winning melody.
Reports and analysis
Our advanced platforms are able to provide a consistently precise and effectively shaped overview of the social environment your brand is navigating, its impact and performance on reference communities. You'll receive precise periodic reports: who is your audience? Where do they come from? What are they passionate about? How can you achieve their loyalty and make it grow?
Dedicated training
Our dedicated workshops offer clients a broader vision of the complex social world, so that they can fully understand the infinite potential of channels and avoid the most common pitfalls. We develop training tailored to every single client and we never forget to include relevant example within or beyond their sectors of operation, a current state audit, best practices and the best tactics for implementation.

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