Because looks matter, even online

Web design is not implicitly the mere creation of a site, but rather the definition of a world where the individual customers will find their own dimension. This aspect is fundamental to increase brand awareness, to transmit a clear and explicit message to the user, to generate value and real business opportunities.

Contents are crucial, but the graphics they are presented with, also plays a key role for the customer. A sort of online showcase that, if the user finds appealing and interesting, will entice them to visit the shop or alternatively, will induce them to look for something else, which can win their attention even more.

But that’s not enough, a website must also be responsive. It must, therefore, adapt to the user’s device size, to provide an optimal user experience. In this way, it will remain imprinted in the visitor’s mind, who is more likely to return again.

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At Naxa, we design creative and responsive solutions capable of identifying the uniqueness of each individual company and, at the same time, providing optimal user experience.


WordPress website development

Design, development and realisation of websites, blogs and e-commerce through the WordPress platform

 Custom website development

Design, development and creation of websites, blogs and e-commerce with proprietary CMS to create ad hoc solutions according to each individual customer

Responsive website development

Creation of responsive sites, designed to be viewed correctly from any web or mobile device and optimised for search engines