Use email to retain your customers

Email marketing automation is a useful tool to establish an ongoing link with your leads and to create the right degree of trust.

How? With periodic and personalised emails that turn to a predefined list of contacts, thanks to a series of automatisms aimed at minimising wasted time.

Getting in touch with the user,making them feel important, represents an extremely important element to gain their trust and loyalty towards a brand.

To achieve this goal, however, it is necessary to develop a correct digital strategy, studied in every detail so that sending emails does not entail a disturbing element, but rather a useful communication with added value.

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At Naxa, we provide marketing automation solutions such as Hubspot, Active Campaign and Zoho and study strategies aimed at exploiting the potential of such software for sending automated mail.


Analysis of online presence and as-is, to identify strengths and weaknesses; market and competitor analysis; target analysis

Software selection

Selection of the most suitable software based on the needs of each individual customer

Content Providing

Creation of content and scheduling of emails, to reduce the use of human resources

KPI analysis  

Periodic analysis of the performances, the email open rate and the number of clicks made on the proposed call to action