The new frontier of web marketing

The new way of communicating with actual and potential customers can certainly be considered. These are automatic chats based on increasingly advanced algorithms: real virtual assistants, able to provide support as customer care.

In order for chatbots to be successful and provide a positive user experience, they must be programmed in order to provide useful and relevant answers, as far as possible attributable to human persons, to anyone who needs to receive immediate support.

Hence, if well studied, chatbots turn into a truly unique marketing tool, capable of increasing the number of contacts in your database, with satisfied users who are more likely to become customers.

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At Naxa, we are able to implement chatbot platforms in the marketing automation strategies of our customers, capable of guaranteeing an optimal Customer Experience and reducing Customer Service costs.


Analysis of online presence and as-is, to identify strengths and weaknesses; market and competitor analysis; target analysis

●        Keyword analysis and content

Study of keywords to understand what your audience’s requests might be, studying relevant answers

Software selection

Creation of the chatbot to be integrated into the website or social page, inserting automatic parameters and responses

 KPI analysis   

Constant verification of this channel’s progress and related performances, improving their effectiveness with periodic optimisations and providing detailed reports to the customer