More time to create new business opportunities

When we talk about sales and marketing automation we refer to a set of systems designed to optimise a series of repetitive operations, in order to use the time saved for activities of greater value. The advent of social media has effectively led to the definition of a new communication model, based on automation and sales funnel management.

The strength of marketing automation? High efficiency and precision that sees the use of extremely advanced technological tools, capable of embracing a large number of activities often carried out by a number of teams, such as the marketing and sales departments.

In addition to reducing the time taken to perform extremely repetitive actions, these mechanisms allow constant performance monitoring, as well as a net optimisation of conversion rates of potential leads, leading them to become real loyal customers.

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At Naxa, we offer the most advanced sales and marketing automation solutions, providing our customers with more profitable time management so that they can focus on their business development and, at the same time, bringing a net improvement in conversions.


Marketing funnel

Creation of funnels aimed at increasing sales and increasing the number of customers and prospects

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Virtual assistants that create automated conversations based on algorithms, able to improve the user experience

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Software to manage, analyse and optimise customer interactions and related data

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Email marketing automation

Realisation, programming and automatic sending of emails to contact lists, through specific automatisms and rules

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Automated flows creation with rules that vary based on contact behaviour

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Smart content

Creation of dynamic content that changes according to the target, with the possibility of choosing what to show and who to show it to

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