Listen, engage, measure and promote

Social media users are a fast-growing segment, which is why being present on these platforms is a fundamental requirement if you want to increase your visibility and contacts.

Today, this channel represents a direct line to an audience, the fastest way to answer questions, counteract critical issues, share information and news in real-time. That’s why it becomes a useful element to make yourself known and, at the same time, get to know your users closely with whom you create real interactions.

An essential element is constantly monitoring social media, to understand how users behave, what content they consider most interesting, to draw up editorial plans and campaigns aimed at increasing your fan base.

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At Naxa, we develop targeted social strategies, with the aim of involving users and strengthening each customer’s presence on the web.


Analysis of online presence and as-is, to identify strengths and weaknesses; market and competitor analysis; target analysis

  Editorial plan

Drafting of an editorial plan capable of increasing and strengthening your presence on social media and increasing the number of followers

KPI analysis

Constant verification of campaign progress and related performances, improving their effectiveness with periodic optimisations whilst providing detailed reports to the customer