The most effective online reminder for your potential customers

Remarketing is a highly effective web marketing technique that stimulates visitors to take a certain action: to conclude a purchase on a previously consulted web page or to fill in a form. A sort of reminder that aims to make sense of urgency and increase the desire for a specific good or service.

How? By proposing targeted e-commerce advertisements or previously consulted landing pages on the web or on social media.

The main advantage of remarketing is that of addressing a narrow and extremely targeted group with clear and direct messages. It represents a proper instrument to invite increasing numbers of potential customers to your network.

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At Naxa, we specialise in advertising and remarketing and study targeted and effective solutions for each client.


Analysis of online presence and as-is, to identify strengths and weaknesses; market and competitor analysis; target analysis

Content providing

Expert copywriters draft online content, with the aim of engaging and capturing the user’s interest

Ad scheduling  

Plan a well-designed ad plan so that ads aren’t too invasive for the user

 KPI analysis

Constant verification of campaign progress and related performances, improving their effectiveness with periodic optimisations whilst providing detailed reports to the customer