Communicating the right way to turn your leads into customers

Email marketing is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to web advertising. A direct means to contact users with personalised communications, whose aim is to conquer leads, transforming them into effective customers.

Mailings and newsletters are valuable allies which, if well constructed, can generate highly satisfactory results. To obtain these results it is necessary to segment and profile users correctly and constantly monitor performance.

With a minimum investment, it is possible to reach a large number of users and measure the results of each action, such as opening the message or click rate.

To obtain the desired results it is necessary to create valuable and captivating content, capable of building interesting storytelling for the user, inviting them to perform an action.

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At Naxa, we offer email marketing services to allow our customers to communicate directly with customers and prospective leads.

Target analysis

Definition and identification of the target audience with the aim of targeting a niche of users seriously interested in the product or service

Software Selection

Identification of the most appropriate software according to individual needs and objectives set by the customer

Mailing list creation

User segmentation to offer content in line with their interests

Content Providing

Expert copywriters write targeted content with the aim of involving and capturing the user’s interest

KPI analysis

Constant verification of campaign progress and related performances, improving their effectiveness with periodic optimisations whilst providing detailed reports to the customer