When users become customers

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO), essentially involves every activity aimed at improving the call to action’s performance. This involves monitoring the CTAs on web pages, posts published on social media, emails or newsletters, in order to identify any critical points and correct them.

In fact, a CRO strategy aims to evaluate the performance of everything that pushes the user to perform a certain action by increasing the percentage of users who become customers.

A fundamental element of Conversion Rate Optimisation is A/B testing, that is the possibility to compare a version (A), with a new idea (B) – call to action, UX or copy – measure the results and evaluate which of the two has converted more. Understanding whether something works is necessary to decide which path to take and what really interests your users.

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At Naxa, we specialise in Conversion Rate Optimisation and provide each client with the tools necessary to improve their shares’ conversion rates on the web.


Analysis of online presence and as-is, to identify strengths and weaknesses; market and competitor analysis; target analysis

A/B testing

Study of solutions that can improve and entice the user to take a certain action, thanks to A/B testing strategies that aim to understand what works and what does not

KPI analysis

Constant verification of campaign progress and related performances, improving their effectiveness with periodic optimisations whilst providing detailed reports to the customer