Marketing for results, with clear and measurable objectives

The term performance marketing identifies a set of tools that allow you to optimise online campaigns’ performance. Its development line includes a series of activities necessary for the relative monitoring of results in terms of a constantly improving return on investment.

Currently, performance marketing represents one of the main improvement opportunities for one’s business, being purely result-driven.

To conclude, this marketing practice aims to generate a response from the user, by filling out a form, opening an email, downloading a document, viewing a post, a like or a comment, or, in the best case, to the sale of a product or service itself.

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At Naxa, we design activities aimed at improving a brand’s positioning on search engines, in the social sphere and generally speaking, online. From the outset, we plan clear and measurable, but most importantly real objectives. We are able to implement and manage software solutions such as Hubspot, Active Campaign and Zoho.

SEO and positioning

Internal and external site optimisation with the aim of positioning it best on search engines

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Paid media

Google Ads such as Search, Display, Video and Shopping, as well as social media ads to increase visibility on the web

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Social media marketing

Editorial plans designed and personalised for each customer, from storytelling to graphics,to exploit the potential of social media

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Email marketing

Management of platforms capable of governing email marketing and newsletter campaigns and the creation of related content 

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 Conversion rate optimisation

Techniques and strategies for converting users into customers

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Management of highly targeted online campaigns aimed at targeting users who have already taken action on a site

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Lead generation

Marketing strategies aimed at generating lists of possible highly profiled contacts interested in certain products or services

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