The most effective technique to attract, convert, conclude and retain your contacts

Inbound marketing is the most effective method for acquiring and retaining an increasing number of customers, through targeted content and communication strategies.

Starting from the definition of the buyer persona, or the “typical customer”, a strategy is developed that includes contents aligned to their needs, thus identifying a user population who is already potentially interested. The aim is to produce incoming traffic to obtain greater conversion possibilities and subsequent loyalty.

Inbound Marketing is ultimately a path aimed at bringing customers where you want them to go; it promotes long-term growth and allows you to increase your lead conversion rate, thanks to the creation of content intended for users who are already potentially interested.

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We at Naxa are Hubspot Gold Partners. We develop personalised digital strategies based on the target and the reference market for each individual customer.

Definition of the Buyer’s persona

Definition of the “typical customer” and the customer journey

Content curation

The realisation of a specific content strategy, aimed at generating interest in the user

Lead nurturing

Creation of a funnelling aimed at retaining and converting visitors into leads, providing new content in line with their interests


Blog management with the creation of insights and articles of interest to the user

KPI analysis

Constant verification of the progress of inbound marketing actions on the various channels and related performances, improving their effectiveness with periodic optimisations, whilst providing detailed reports to the customer