Sell your products on Amazon!

Amazon is one of the most used sales platforms in the world. A large online store, from where users from every nation make their purchases every day.

Being able to position your products on Amazon, is an important milestone for those who want to increase their visibility on the web and their sales.

Amazon organises its promotion channels into:

●        Organic: corresponds to the natural positioning of products within the Marketplace search results pages.

●        Paid: characterised by ads and banners positioned within the search results of the Marketplace.

For both channels, it is necessary to develop a targeted and personalised strategy aimed at promoting their products on this channel.

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Analysis of online presence and as-is, to identify strengths and weaknesses; market and competitor analysis; target analysis

Project development

Shop/profile opening and creation of product sheets

 Campaign creation

Promotion management with advanced marketing techniques

Customer care

Management of customer care and customer reviews