The new way of selling is online. How to learn how to stand out?

Today, the consumer is increasingly evolved and omnichannel.

Everyone buys online today because it is quick, convenient and immediate. Just think of Amazon and how it has changed the way hundreds of thousands of people buy.

Attracting the user, generating traffic and avoiding the dropout rate in the checkout phase, which is currently around 88%, is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge.

In this perspective, it is essential to focus on the development of an e-commerce strategy that highlights the set of all those strengths that distinguish a single reality and its products, adopting an increasingly performance-oriented approach that envisages forms of innovative advertising, aimed at improving the customer experience.

Being able to stand out in such a large and diverse market is not a simple undertaking. It is necessary to study targeted and unique actions, capable of getting your business online.

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At Naxa, we develop integrated online marketing strategies, with the aim of positioning, giving greater visibility and increasing the conversion rate of a brand.

SEO-friendly sites

Internal and external site optimisation with the aim of positioning it best on search engines

Paid Media Campaigns

Google Ads such as Search, Display, Video and Shopping, as well as social media ads to increase visibility on the web

Amazon SEO & Marketing

Every activity is aimed at positioning the website on Amazon to increase visibility

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Ecommerce Websites Creation

We create Ecommerce sites for SMEs and large companies that can increase sales and visibility