Complete digital strategies to increase your business

With the advent of Digital Transformation, it has become indispensable for each reality to adapt its sales and marketing strategies to tackle new scenarios. Therefore, it is crucial to develop a complete and functional strategic plan, aimed at achieving well-defined objectives in accordance with pre-established deadlines.

It becomes vital to rely on qualified partners, in order to create a unique and effective digital marketing strategy. The goal? To achieve the set goals by defining a correct approach according to the individual case.

Identifying your target audience and, consequently, developing a digital strategy capable of evaluating which communication channels to use in a coordinated manner, in order to optimise performance whilst minimising the waste of potentially useful resources, is fundamental.


What we do

At Naxa, we operate in order to study a personalised digital strategy, with a marketing mix aimed at satisfying the needs of the individual customer, through the use of diversified solutions, tools and strategies capable of generating business.

Scenario analysis

Content audit

Analysis of online presence and as-is, in order to identify strengths and weaknesses and study a targeted strategy based on customer objectives and expectations

SWOT analysis

Strategic planning where strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the success of the project are assessed

Competitor and target analysis

Analysis of the company’s online presence with respect to the different channels and in comparison with the main competitors to identify strengths and weaknesses. Identification of the target audience

Customer journey analysis

Mapping the path taken by the customer and the different contact points that can lead to conversion

Digital strategy


Definition of the actions to be implemented to improve the company’s presence on the web


Scheduling of activities and related deadlines

KPI analysis

Definition of metrics and constant performance monitoring, in order to evaluate the strategic plan’s effectiveness and the company’s return on investment