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The term brand positioning identifies the position occupied by a brand and its products in the minds of consumers, in particular in relation to their differences over competitors. The distinctive elements can reside in the product itself, in the advertising communication, in the brand identity or be strictly connected to the customer experience.

Therefore, it is easy to understand a company’s relevance in brand positioning, a factor capable of ensuring a series of advantages such as ensuring immediate brand recognition creating an advantage over competitors and greater ease of introducing new products on the market.

A correct brand positioning strategy must focus on the brand’s differentiating elements with respect to its competitors, defining its value proposition clearly and uniquely.

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At Naxa, we help our customers define their brand positioning with respect to their competitors. We identify and correct potential gaps and weaknesses, developing a strategy aimed at establishing the brand in its target market.

Competitor analysis

Analysis of the company’s online presence with respect to different channels and comparison with the main competitors to identify strengths and weaknesses

Brand analysis

Identification of the company’s distinctive features, to create a unique and effective communication strategy

Positioning strategy

Definition of the actions to be implemented to improve the company’s presence on the web