From design to deployment, up to Brand Equity: here’s how a brand is born

Never before in this historical era has the communication industry undergone such a continuous metamorphosis. Actively taking part in these radical transformations and redesigning our strategies to cope with the profound change of companies and markets is pivotal not only to stay afloat, but also to be successful. 

NAXA’s Brand Managers will work with you to design, build and manage your brand identity correctly, enhancing the most suitable tools to face market developments through the synergy between your skills and ours. Through Brand Communication, we aim to provide you with solid answers to coordinate the strategic thinking of your brand in the scenario of the current technological contexts. A well-structured and well-managed Brand Communication through the proper Brand Equity processes not only explains who you are, what you do and how you do it, increases your credibility and relationships and encourages growth plans, but also guarantees a crucial competitive leverage over your competitors.

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At NAXA, we work closely with you to define, design, build and manage your brand keeping Digital Transformation into account, creating a synergy between creativity and business strategy. This way, we help you evolve with it so that you can pursue your business goals.

Brand Identity

Identification and development of a solid and clear brand identity, so that your target audience can easily recognize you and align your offer with your brand image. 

Brand Design

Analysis and design of all the tools necessary to define both the internal and external identity of your brand, highlighting the unique features of your business and attracting leads.

Branded Content

Design and creation of contents that define the social role of your brand, so as to expand and customize it on the natural and cultural interests of your target audience.