SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It encompasses all the technical activities necessary to improve the performance and usability of a website and, consequently, its organic positioning on Google.

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What is SEO?

What it means to do SEO at Naxa:


Conduct a preliminary technical analysis of the site, including keyword research and market scenario analysis: the audit provides accurate information on the site's performance, traffic, and positioning compared to competitors.


Optimize technical aspects of the site, enhance content through the publication of SEO-oriented content, and improve positioning.


Implement link-building activities to consolidate or further improve a site's ranking in Google SERPs.


Analyze and monitor site performance and technical aspects related to Core Web Vitals, crucial metrics for SEO that refer to the website's User Experience (speed, loading times, usability on different digital devices).


Optimize Local SEO to improve the company's visibility in its geographical area or the National and International markets.


Develop an E-commerce SEO strategy to enhance performance, increase sales, and maximize conversion in online stores.


Monitor traffic and optimize the performance of SEO activities, tracking all types of information and collecting valuable data.

Reach your positioning goals.