Content Strategy is a fundamental pillar in digital marketing

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What is a Content Strategy?

What does creating a Content Strategy at Naxa mean:


Define brand objectives, KPIs to achieve, and target audiences.


Create buyer personas, i.e., the 'in-target' recipients of the quality content that will be subsequently produced.


Define the tone of voice to use or, if necessary, identify and establish it in advance to create relevant and consistent communications with the corporate identity.


Define a creative concept and identify which types of content are best suited for the project (e.g., photos, videos, animations, copy, articles, etc.).


Structure a content production plan with a corresponding budget.


Develop a content dissemination plan by defining which and how many channels to involve, with their release timing and budget.


Manage the production and dissemination of all content (i.e., content production)


Monitor actions taken and performance obtained to evaluate content effectiveness, intervening in the Content Strategy as needed.

Harness the formidable potential of content.

Create your Content Strategy