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Programmatic Advertising consist in purchasing online advertising space through automated platforms that get in touch, in real time, demand and offer. Let's start?

Programmatic Advertising

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Programmatic Advertising allows the measurement and objective evaluation of every single metric, and therefore an absolute control in order to optimizate the announcements during construction. What do you want to advertise?
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Why is Programmatic Advertising important?
Our full-service Programmatic Advertising
Evaluation of demand and offer
To define the best programmatic advertising strategy, we will first define the demand of your brand and the offer of dealers that sell advertising spaces on behalf of publishers. We will then evaluate the correct strategy for optimizing timing and investments to reach the reference audience.
Choice of audience
We will establish in a careful and timely manner which target audience can be more receptive to your ads. Through Programmatic Advertising, we will avoid typical mistakes of other marketing methods, such as the overexposure of your ads on the same users.
Purchase of advertising space
We will evaluate which modality of buying advertising space best suited to your project. We will choose the spaces between those auctioned on Open Market or sold on Private Marketplace, or even managed through invitations auctions, or promoted in Automated Guaranteed mode.
Ads that work
Once the strategy has been defined, the target audience and the advertising space to be monitored, we will give life to valuable announcements both from a content and a visual communication point of views. It’s time to seduce your potential customers, and we will work to do it in the best and most convincing way.

Choose a real-time communication between demand and offer.

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