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What is Marketing Automation? The term refers to a series of automation systems designed and perfectedto enable more efficient. Shall we begin?

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A discipline, not a solution
More than a mere solution, Marketing Automation is a veritable discipline, developed using specialised technological instruments. Indeed it involves different activities which are often managed by different work team members, but which are also integrated or interconnected: Email Marketing, Landing Page, Campaign Management, Contact prediction/Scoring, Lead Management, CRM Integration, Social media Marketing, Marketing Analytics.
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Why is Marketing Automation important?
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Lead Capture
The lead management process via Marketing Automation starts here, with the collection of data on potential customers, via specific and diversified marketing campaigns. The tool base for this phase is the contact form, which must be accurately developed to enable us to obtain data which is truly of interest to us.
Lead Scoring
During this second phase, we'll score each lead. Scoring is decided in advance, before the start of any acquisition campaigns, and is based on diversified factors, such as size and type of company, qualifications, behaviour on the website and the form. This is an extremely important phase which involves the Sales department, which in conjunction with the Marketing department will create specific lead scoring models, successively recorded and automated by the CRM.
Lead Nurturing
During the third Marketing Automation lead management phase, we'll activate personalised campaigns which leverage information obtained from initial campaigns. This is when the value of scores assigned during the lead scoring phase will become tangible, because we'll be able to use them to define how to communicate with our leads, based on their interests and behaviour.
Lead Routing
During this last phase, Marketing Automation will prove essential for transferring "cultivated" leads to the Sales area. Sales specialists will have all information on each potential customer available, so that they can plan specific sales actions in the best possible way and increase their chances of success.

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