Lifecycle Marketing:your users' online life cycle

Lifecycle Marketing is the so-called “online lifecycle” of users at hand in our digital marketing strategy. Shall we begin?

Lifecycle Marketing

Accompany your users in their online experience

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Create a new relationship with your target
Lifecycle Marketing and, in more general terms, the Customer Journey have changed considerably over the last few years, thanks to the development of new technologies and massive increases in mobile device use. A new relationship is created between company and user, and in the most advanced projects, it is managed and optimised by means of a series of so-called "Marketing Automation" actions. However, the latter is always based on a profound understanding of Customer Lifecycle Marketing.
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Why is Lifecycle Marketing important?
Our complete Lifecycle Marketing service
We'll identify the initial status of your target audience: problems, level of urgency, overall view of the market, any indecision as regards making the purchase. Based on this preliminary analysis, we'll be able to define the correct Buyer Persona, create contents focused on product categories of interest, the correct media for distribution and the best-suited communication methods. We'll respond to their needs in advance, providing them with solutions they will soon find themselves searching for.
The second phase involves structuring a strategy which aims to resolve the problem faced by our Buyer Persona. Our actions will be based on the collection of information, learning about and assessing purchasing solutions and criteria, the production of specific high-value contents and reports. The aim of all actions will be to obtain a reaction from our target audience. In practice, generating interest in the brand.
By this point, our leads will be fully aware of their requirements and will have acquired all preliminary information which will condition their purchase. Why not provide them with a hypothetical solution to their problem? This phase will be based on product demos, trials and tests, case studies, data sheets, comparisons and reviews, in-depth analysis and the generation of seductive material which will push the buyer persona into wanting to take our product or service into consideration.
Purchase and post sales
The time has come for our lead to decide how and what to purchase, based on the rationalisation of obtained information. The prospect transforms into a consumer, therefore they become a customer. This lifecycle marketing phase is developed by means of quick and easy purchasing procedures, design and upgrade proposals, training, tutorials and webinars, launch events and, in more general terms, by maintaining brand promises.

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