Mailing and Newslettering: the silver fox of Marketing

Internet Advertising based on mailing and newslettering strategies has far from been shelved, on thecontrary, it is actually enjoying a come back.

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Email Marketing

Communicating in the right way, so that leads become customers

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Email Marketing has also evolved
Emailing is still an important online marketing tool. When email marketing is done in the right way, it still generates results, thanks in particular to technological evolutions and automations which make burdensome operations, like segmentation, profiling and monitoring, more practical and precise.
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Why is Email Marketing important?
Our complete Email Marketing service
Accurate preliminary analysis
There is a lot of work to do before clicking on "Send": our consultants make sure you target the right user categories, using the most appropriate method of communication and time frames. The perfect combination of these three factors is the key to success in email marketing, which if successfully performed, can reach truly amazing redemption percentages.
Interesting contents, dressed up to the nines
Our team of expert copywriters is capable of transforming all content into an interesting story, just waiting to be read or told. With the support of our graphics department, we create high aesthetic impact newsletters, ready- to-present storytelling with the potential to transform readers into customers.

Value Email Marketing is an illustrated account.

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