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Build your digital showcase and increase online visibility

Your website is the business card to the entire market.

It’s how you present yourself to the public and how you communicate your value.

It is also a fundamental tool for increasing brand awareness, intercepting new contacts and performing lead generation activities.


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What is web development?
Communication, web design and user experience

Developing a website is a bit like designing a store, or a showcase. Having a digital platform means having your own space to present your company, products and ideas.

For this reason, communication is the central element of a site: your value and identity. This goes from content, such as texts, images, videos and blogs, but above all from web design.

The graphical interface, together with the structure of the site, allows you to define the user experience, and the usability of the site to guide users in navigation.

But a site is not just communication. It is also a technical tool designed to make lead generation and achieve business objectives.

Why developing a website? 3 benefits of a website

Develop your website!


Create your digital showcase to communicate to the market

Design your proprietary platform to communicate the essence of your brand, company and products. Differentiate yourself from competitors and emerge in your industry.

Increase the visibility of your company and products

Improve your brand awareness, and notireity and increase your online visibility. Improve Google Ads performance and lay the foundations to position yourself on search engines thanks to SEO.

Lead generation and find new customers

It intercepts target users, generates engagement and guides them to conversion, thanks to content, web design and user experience. Make lead generation thanks to forms and landing pages.

Develop your website!


How to develop a website?
The elements of web development

The design of a site is a mix of development operations and communication activities.

The first techniques and information technology, are aimed at performance. The second subtlest is linked to the choice of the right words and design to convey the messages.

Here they are in detail:

Web design & user experience (UX)

Web design is the site’s graphic development, the design of your visual communication.
The user experience (UX) is the browsing experience of your users. A quality UX is clear and immediate and allows you to guide users to the pages and content you want, encouraging them to contact you. Everything is closely linked to the web design and the site’s structure.

Lead generation tools: landing pages and forms

One of the primary goals of a site is to generate leads. Forms and landing pages are vital for this.
Forms are the tools where people can send you requests, leaving their contacts, such as email and phone. Landing pages are pages that contain forms. They are usually the pages produced or landing pages, accessible by clicking on your ads.

Web development: Wordpress, proprietary CMS or HTML

There are many tools to create a website. The most widely used software is WordPress, an open-source CMS that is easy to use, effective and customisable. But there are countless other quality CMS programs.

A second alternative is to develop a proprietary CMS. These are custom software to create ad hoc solutions.
A last and even simpler alternative is to develop the web pages entirely in HTML.

Contents: copywriting, blogs, images, videos and documents

Content is the website’s soul, and more generally of digital marketing.
They are persuasive texts, blog articles, photos and videos, webinars, white papers, presentations and infographics. They are essential to attract users to the site and engage them, as well as to improve the organic positioning on search engines (SEO).

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