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Enhance your brand online thanks to social media

Expand your audience by leveraging social media.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest: the choice of platforms vary according to audience and objectives.

Shape your social communication, promote your content and create ad campaigns targeted to your audience.


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What does social media marketing mean?
Communication, content and virality

Marketing on social media means expanding your online visibility, differentiating your image and creating trusting relationships.

These channels are the direct thread that connects you with your audience. The optimal tools to communicate your ideas, your brand values and your company and its products’ uniqueness.

All thanks to content, such as posts, images, videos and texts. They allow you to engage users and make your page grow, thanks to “likes”, comments and shares.

Thanks to social media you can also listen to your audience: get feedback and understand their needs.

Finally, there is no social media strategy without ad campaigns. Past advertisers would have paid gold for this: show advertisements to profiled targets, interested in the product or service.

Why doing social media marketing? 3 main benefits

Go on social media!


Differentiate from competitors and get known online

Communicate your uniqueness by sharing valuable content. Make them viral and make your page grow thanks to “likes”, comments, shares and dialogues with users.

Engage your users and earn their trust

Generate engagement and gain your users’ trust. Interact with your audience, listen to them and collect feedback, always useful for improving yourself.

Make campaigns with targeted ads

It takes advantage of the huge amount of data that each of us leaves online every day. Convey targeted advertising communications profiled by interests and demographic characteristics

Go on social media!


How to communicate on social media?
Strategy and activities

Our social media managers, copywriters and content creators will take care of your communication on these channels.

They will take care of several activities. Here they are:

Communication strategy: Facebook, LinkedIn or other?

There are many social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Pinterest. These platforms are different from each other, by language, tone, the purpose of use and type of content.

First, you need to understand where you want to communicate, and how. And above all, where you can intercept your buyers.

Content production and publishing plan

Content is the soul of today’s marketing, and above all the soul of social language. These include texts, photos of your company, images of your products, promotional videos, graphics and any other element to communicate online.

Constantly posting content is the key to growing your social media pages. The editorial plan is the perfect tool to do this: it consists of organising and programming your publications.

Advertising Strategy

Ad campaigns on social media allow you to take advantage of the huge amount of data that users leave every day online. You can show your ads to targeted users who are interested in your products or services.

Our social media managers will take care of ad activation, budget management and monitoring KPIs, to improve performance.

Community management & social listening

Marketing on these platforms means focusing on relationships, on relationships of trust. That’s why it’s essential to be able to manage your community. This includes dialogue with users and listening to feedback.

The advantages are mainly 2: cultivating relationships, bringing your users closer and attracting others, and understanding their point of view. It is essential to understand the needs of your buyers and consequently improve your strategy.

Social selling

It is a sales technique where salespeople use social media to interact directly with prospects. The aim is to “heat” leads and lure them into purchasing, cultivating relationships and generating trust.

The centre of social selling is personal branding or knowing how to make your professional figure a real brand, increasing online visibility and authority.

Social e-commerce

With tools like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Shopping and Pinterest Shopping, you can promote and sell your products. Everything immediately, taking advantage of the simplicity of these platforms.

The biggest benefit is being able to leverage your community to sell. In addition, on social media purchases are much more impulsive and emotional than the standard. This can be a good strength.

Our experience

Our social media managers, copywriters and content creators work in synergy and work with passion to communicate the uniqueness of our customers on these channels.

Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or Pinterest, it doesn’t matter. We are never short of ideas.


Successful social media strategies

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