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Improve your ranking on Google and increase site traffic

We were born as an SEO agency in 2007: SEO is our bread and butter.

The acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization.

These are technical activities aimed at improving a website’s performance and usability. And therefore its organic positioning on Google.


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What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimisation

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation.

It consists of optimization activities to improve organic positioning on Google, improve performance and increase site traffic and visibility.
The goal is to make your site appear in the results pages of those searching for information, products or services compatible with your business offer. Basically, it’s about getting found by whoever’s searching for you online.
There is no successful digital marketing strategy or website that does not take SEO into account. It is a fundamental activity to emerge online.

Why developing a SEO strategy? 3 Benefits of Google Positioning

Improve your ranking on Google!


Increase contact traffic in target

Improve the quality of traffic to your site or e-commerce. Attract potential customers and buyers really interested in your offer.

Improve the technical components and site performance

Optimise your website, improve its operation and increase performance. Make your site faster, more effective, and more useful for achieving your business goals.

Improve your organic positioning and stand out from competitors

Improve your ranking on SERP, the Google search results page. Emerge online from your competitors and stand out in your industry.

Improve your ranking on Google!


How to do SEO?
The elements of positioning on Google

Our SEO consultants work on multiple fronts to improve the performance of our customers’ websites.

Here are the activities that our experts take care of every day.

SEO audit: preliminary analysis and keyword search

Before you start with an SEO strategy, you need to do an audit: a preliminary analysis. How does the website perform? What’s your traffic? Which keywords better position you? How do your competitors move?

This first phase, together with the broader scenario analysis activity, allows our SEO consultants to develop a clear vision for planning your activities.

Technical optimisation, content care and link building

How do I improve a site’s performance? By improving the technical aspects and publishing SEO oriented content, such as blog articles that deal with the issues you want to position yourself on.

Another method to improve positioning is link building. It’s about increasing the number of inbound links to your site. Basically, make sure that other sites link to your pages. The key lies in knowing how to produce and share valuable content.

Vital web cores

The Core Web Vitals are metrics that from 2021 Google considers crucial for SEO.

They refer to a website’s user experience (UX), or the experience that the platform offers to the user. The parameters take into account aspects such as site speed, loading times and usability on different digital devices.

Local SEO

Local SEO consists of optimising online positioning for local businesses. It targets your company’s visibility in your geographic area.

The local SEO is also completed thanks to the management of Google My Business. It is the tool to manage the visibility of your local activity on the search engine and Google Maps.

SEO e-commerce

Online stores also need to be SEO optimised to scale SERPs, Google search results pages
Adopting an SEO strategy for your online store is critical to improving your performance, increasing your sales and achieving concrete results.

Traffic monitoring and performance optimisation

One of the biggest advantages of digital is the ability to track all kinds of information and collect valuable data.
Why not take a closer look at the performance of your website to improve your strategy? This is what SEO monitoring and optimization are all about.

Our experience

Our SEO consultants work every day to help our customers win new challenges.

Successful SEO strategies

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