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It focuses on technology and artificial intelligence. Automate your marketing and sales activities: contact management, business emails and lead generation.


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What is sales & marketing automation?
Artificial intelligence and technology

Automation refers to sales and marketing activities. The goal is to automate repetitive and routine processes, saving time and energy for higher-value tasks.

Automation can involve many operations. For example, managing the company database, sales activities, sending personalised emails or publishing blogs and social posts.

Automation is based on technology and artificial intelligence. And therefore on software such as HubSpot, of which we are Gold Partners, or Zoho CRM. These ensure maximum efficiency, precision and optimisation of performance.

And above all, data tracking. With automation, you can monitor user behaviour, email open rate, or website performance.

Why focus on automation? 3 benefits of technology

Automate your business!


Maximise performance, and save time and energy

Optimise your business’ results and ensure maximum productivity and control of your work. Protect your most important resource: time (and therefore budget).

Monitor results, track data and make informed decisions

Measure the results of your activities. Like site performance, conversion rates, and email open rates. Then leverage this information to improve your strategy.

Focus on smarketing: coordinate sales and marketing activities

Align your marketing and sales departments and launch into new horizons. Coordinating activities and improving internal communication are critical today.

Automate your business!


How to implement automation in your company

Adopting automation technologies involves several activities.

First of all, we start with the choice of software, which depends on your needs and budget. Then the individual operations are activated.
Here they are:

Software choice: HubSpot, Zoho CRM, SalesForce or other?

Everything starts from here. Our consultants will guide you to the software that best suits your needs and budget. The main choices?

HubSpot, the most complete software, no.1 in the world, of which we are Gold Partners.

Or Zoho CRM or SalesForce, which are also very valid. Finally, cheaper and simpler software, such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign or Sendinblue, are perfect for smaller businesses.

CRM and database

Management software, or CRM, allows you to better manage relationships with your customers. All this by recording the data and their purchasing behaviour over time, then analysing and exploiting this data.

The CRM also allows you to store lead and prospect contacts in your database. All this by dividing them into customisable lists, for sending targeted communications to each target.

Funnel automation: email, blog & social media marketing

Automate all your communication and marketing activities. These may vary depending on the funnel stage the users you are addressing are located.

The funnel represents the purchase path. Each step of the funnel includes different touchpoints, that is, interactions with users. They can be emails, newsletters, blog posts, social posts, document sharing or chatbots.

Form and lead generation

Lead generation is critical to your business. How to collect contacts from potential customers? With forms and automation.
Forms are the tools where people can send you requests, leaving their contacts, such as email and phone. Automation software allows you to immediately enter new leads into your database and send them automated response emails.

Sales management and sales pipeline

Automation software allows you to manage all your contacts and business relationships from a single platform. But also to send automatic emails and track open rates and information.
Another key element is the sales pipeline. This is the representation of your sales process. It consists of all the steps to transform a prospect into a customer, from assigning the contact to the salesperson to closing the deal.

Data Tracking

Monitor the KPIs of your communications and emails. Then evaluate which ones are performing better in terms of opening and clicking.
Track who opens your emails, who clicks on your ads, and who visits your site, so you can optimise your strategy and improve performance. This is one of the biggest benefits of the digital age we are experiencing.

Our experience

We are HubSpot Gold Partners: automation is at home in Naxa.

Our web marketing specialists and strategists are experts in consulting for the implementation of automation in companies.


Successful automation strategies

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