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Programmatic Advertising

Advertise online reaching the best target at the lowest cost

Programmatic ads are web ads placed on third-party sites.

These campaigns leverage technology, data, and artificial intelligence to optimise performance and budget management.

This is a growing trend in the world of web marketing.


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What is programmatic advertising?
Technology and data to optimise ads

Programmatic advertising consists of advertising campaigns on third-party websites, exploiting technology and automation to optimise performance.

The selection of the channels on which to publish your banners, the target audience to contact and the time to show your ads is delegated to specific software, as well as the actual purchase of advertising space.

Everything happens automatically, using algorithms, artificial intelligence and data. The most important advantage of the technology is that you can continuously analyse your users’ online behaviour. The more data you have, the more effective your campaigns will be.

Lastly, communicating your listings is also crucial. To convey the value of your company and your offer, you need to choose the right messages, words and graphics.

Why considering programmatic campaigns? 3 benefits of web ads

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Promote yourself in the right place, at the right time and to the right target

Delegate to technology the choice of web space for your ads. In addition to the selection of the best target and the frequency of the appearance of the ads.

Increase your online visibility and traffic to the site

Make yourself known online. Improve your brand awareness and notoriety, and increase traffic to your website.

Leverage technology to optimise your performance

Ensure maximum results from your campaigns and optimise budget management. All thanks to the effectiveness and precision of artificial intelligence systems.

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How to make programmatic ads?
The campaign elements

For a successful programmatic campaign, our web marketing specialists will operate on different fronts.

These are the main activities.

Buyer analysis and programmatic promotion strategy

The first step to a successful programmatic campaign is to figure out who you want to target. Once we have identified your target audience and buyers, we can develop your strategy.

We’ll define which products or services to target, the goals to achieve, and the budget to set aside for each ad group.

Development of communication and campaign activation

Our copywriters will elaborate on the concept of your advertisements, while our graphic designers will translate the ideas and messages you want to convey into banners and visual communications.

Finally, our programmatic experts will activate your ad campaigns, directing them to the right target. Managing ads through specific software will be the key to optimising campaign performance.

Ads in remarketing, or retargeting

Many users have visited your website without filling out forms, generating conversions or buying online?

With ads in remarketing, or retargeting, you can intercept these users again. This is a particularly valuable activity, especially in the case of non-linear buyer journeys.

KPI analysis and conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

We will monitor campaign progress and performance, providing detailed reports. The goal? Improve the effectiveness of ads by keeping track of KPIs, numbers, statistics, and data.

All this is part of the CRO, conversion rate optimization.

Our experience

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Successful programmatic campaigns

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