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We are specialised in web advertising strategies on Google.
Not surprisingly, we are Google Premier Partners: in 3% of the best Google partners in Italy.
Promote your business with different ad formats: search, display, shopping and video.


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What are Google Ads campaigns?
Search engine ads

Google Ads campaigns are part of the world of paid media: paid ads on web advertising spaces. The aim? Increase traffic to your site, make your products known and, above all, produce lead generation.
An online promotion strategy is based on 2 main aspects: the analysis of the target audience and the most popular keywords. The goal is to understand what your online buyers are looking for and with what keywords, and then position your ads better pay per click.
This channel, along with SEO and social media, is crucial for broadening your audience.

Why advertising on Google? 3 advantages of paid media

Reach new contacts through Google!


Lead generation: find new contacts and remarketing

Generate contacts for your business. Intercept new leads and remarket to users who have already visited your site, without generating conversions.

Improve online visibility and increase site traffic

Promote your brand most directly and effectively. Make your business and products visible on Google. Improve your brand awareness and broaden your audience.

Optimise the management of the budget reserved for promotion

Monitor the progress of your campaigns through data analysis and KPIs. Improve ad performance based on your audience’s behaviour.

Reach new contacts through Google!


How to set a Google Ads campaign?
Online promotional activities

To achieve successful campaigns, our Google Ads specialists and digital strategists will operate on different fronts.

These are the main activities.

Buyer analysis and keywords

Analysing the online behaviour of targeted users is the starting point for a Google Ads strategy.

The goal is to understand what buyers are looking for online, with what keywords and what needs they want to meet.

Google Ads Promotion Strategy

Once you have identified your potential customers’ online behaviour, we can develop your strategy.
We will define which products or pages of the site you want to target, the objectives to achieve and the budget to reserve for each ad group.

Communication development and campaign activation

Our copywriters will develop ad communication, creating persuasive texts.
Our Google Ads managers will activate them according to the appropriate search keywords, directing them to the right target.

Ads in remarketing, or retargeting

Many users have visited your website without filling out forms, generating conversions or buying online?
With ads in remarketing, or retargeting, you can intercept these users again. This is a particularly valuable activity, especially in the case of non-linear buyer journeys.

KPI analysis and conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

We will monitor campaign progress and performance, providing detailed reports. The goal? Improve the effectiveness of ads by keeping track of KPIs, numbers, statistics, and data.
All this is part of the CRO, conversion rate optimisation.

Our experience

We are Google Premier Partners: we are in 3% of the best Italian partners of Google.

With this partnership, Google is committed to providing our Google Ads Specialists with all the tools, resources and support they need to help our customers achieve their goals.


Successful Google Ads campaings

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