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Creating an e-commerce platform gives you maximum control of your online store. To better manage communication, product catalogue, organisation and logistics.


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What is e-commerce development?
Selling online on your website

Developing an e-commerce site means giving life to your online store, your eshop.
Creating a proprietary platform allows you to have maximum control over your online sales strategy. You can better manage your communication, presentation of your products, management of the cart, purchases and logistics.
The main element of an e-commerce site is the user experience (UX), which is the experience offered to users through the site’s usability. An effective graphical interface, built from a well-designed web design, allows you to guide your users in navigation and shopping.

Why creating an e-commerce site? 3 advantages of an eshop

Do you sell online?


Sell your products online and find new customers

Intercept your target customers and improve your brand awareness, company and products’ reputation. Guide your buyers to purchase online thanks to web design and communication.

Ensure maximum control of your online store

Keep an eye on all aspects of your online store: communication, product management, promotions, orders, logistics and payments.

Increase the visibility of your company and products

Stand out from your competitors and introduce your products to the market. Increase your company’s authority and prestige, also taking advantage of the positive reviews of your customers.

Do you sell online?


How to make an eshop?
The elements of creating an e-commerce

Creating an e-commerce site is a mix of web development and communication.

The first techniques and information technology, are aimed at performance. The second subtlest is linked to the choice of the right words and design to convey the messages.

Here they are in detail:

Web design is the site’s graphic development, the design of your visual communication.
The user experience (UX) is the browsing experience of your users. A quality UX is clear and immediate and allows you to guide users towards the products and information they are looking for, pushing them to purchase. Everything is closely linked to the web design and the site’s structure.

Web design & user experience (UX)

There is no e-commerce without products. Presenting them in the best possible way is essential to communicate your value. That’s why content is critical: persuasive photographs, videos, and descriptive texts are critical to engaging and engaging audiences.
Other key elements are product reviews and ratings. They allow you to improve your reputation, increase credibility and build trust.

E-commerce management: payments, logistics and shipments

To set up an online store you need to think about all the technical and organisational aspects.
It is essential to set up digital infrastructures to manage payment methods, transitions, logistics and shipments. This also includes customer care, support and returns services.

Web development: Wordpress, proprietary CMS or HTML

There are many tools to create e-commerce. The most widely used software is WordPress, an open-source CMS that is easy to use, effective and customisable. But there are countless other quality CMS programs.
A second alternative is to develop a proprietary CMS. These are custom software to create ad hoc solutions.
A last and even simpler alternative is to develop the web pages entirely in HTML.

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