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What is an Amazon strategy?
Sell online on the top e-commerce

Selling on Amazon means taking advantage of the no.1 marketplace in the world.

Enjoying its fame, prestige and trust. And delegating the management of your online showcase, including logistics and shipping. All without developing a proprietary e-commerce site.

But be careful: to place your products on the eshop you need a precise strategy.

You should identify your target and the best way to sell your products, to position yourself organically and to promote yourself online. All without losing sight of your direct and indirect competitors.

Why sell on Amazon? 3 advantages of the marketplace.

Sell on Amazon!


Sell by leveraging Amazon's fame, prestige and trust

Amazon‘s audience is huge and its customers trust it blindly. Selling here means putting your products in the spotlight and preparing them for success.

Delegate everything to Amazon and enjoy the revenue

No shipping, no logistics, no payment concerns. You won’t even have to invest in an e-commerce site. Amazon takes care of everything.

Evolve your company with brand awareness and authority

Today, selling online means keeping up with the times. Increase the fame and authority of your company and products. Expand your audience and improve your status.

Sell on Amazon!


How to sell on Amazon?
Analysis, strategy and promotion

To sell on Amazon it is not enough to upload some photos of your products and enter prices.
We need a comprehensive strategy. This will be managed entirely by our strategists and e-commerce specialists. Here are the main activities we will take care of:

Analysis of the market and direct and indirect competitors

First phase: analysis of your company, products and the market. You need to understand what your strengths are, who your typical customers are and what their buying path is.

It is also essential to identify direct and indirect competitors in the marketplace. What they sell, how their products are positioned and what their promotion strategies are.

Sales Strategy on Amazon

After the initial analysis, the sales strategy in the marketplace is developed. The aim? Sell online with a defined plan, based on informed decisions.
Together we will define the objectives to be achieved in the short, medium and long term, the methods of promoting the products and their positioning.

Creation of the Amazon showcase

Opening your store starts with the insertion of your product catalogue on Amazon.
We will give life to your virtual showcase, inserting products, photographs and descriptive-persuasive texts. The fundamental thing is to understand which products to include and how to place them on e-commerce.

Amazon advertising / ad campaigns

Amazon ad campaigns allow you to increase the visibility of your products on the marketplace.
You’ll be able to display your products at the top of the Amazon search results page, intercepting users searching for certain keywords.

Amazon SEO /organic positioning

Thanks to Amazon‘s SEO, you can define and improve the organic positioning of your products in the marketplace.
The strategy is based on a preliminary analysis of your buyer personas and keywords used in searches.

Our experience

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