Promoting products and services in order to generate real interest

Demand Generation refers to a strategic synergy of marketing activities conceived to promote products and services, with the purpose of generating real interest in the target audience. Shall we begin?

Demand Generation

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Demand Generation is not Lead Generation

It is important not to mistake Demand Generation for Lead Generation. Unlike the latter, Demand Generation acts on the very root of business, proposing how to bolster its overall effectiveness. It works directly on certain marketing parameters which simple Lead Generation would never take into consideration. Lead Generation is one of many components of Demand Generation.
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Why is Demand Generation important?

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Spreading awareness

This is the preliminary step of any Demand Generation strategy. We will operate to facilitate the brand in
spreading its product, service or solution proposal. The purpose of this initial phase is to generate
awareness in a potentially interested target, and not directly linked to short term sales. 

Generating interest

Generating interest in a brand among potential customers occurs by means of clearly communicating
product benefits. Initial seduction is the only way to begin structuring the essential foundations for a
successive sales proposal. Uninterested users do not buy.

Market positioning

The third phase of Demand Generation involves the correct positioning of the brand's product, service or
solution on the market. Its reliability, correctness and objective advantages for the target audience will be
tested and the reasons for which it is better than similar proposals by competitors is demonstrated. A
product positioned on its reference market is attractive for anyone thinking about making a purchase.

Target persuasion

Lead persuasion does not end with the transformation of leads into actual customers, but rather when
their experience is essential for attracting new prospects. Therefore, this phase does not end with sales,
but with user loyalty and the creation of a report grounded in esteem and trust, between target and brand.
There is no better advertising than a satisfied buyer of products or services.

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