Analysing CRO to understand your customers

What would simple SEO be like, without a correct interpretation of data generated by you? A perfectly useless tool!

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Interpreting data you generate

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What type of conversion are you looking for?
Filling out contact forms, on-site phone calls, shop visits, the purchase of products, subscription to a newsletter, the downloading of a file, what kind of conversion do you need? Conversion Rate Optimization is the constant and systematic enactment of a complete strategy which takes into consideration all factors that jointly transform a simple web user into a new customer for your company.
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Why is Conversion Rate Optimization important?
Our complete Conversion Rate Optimisation service
Data collection
When looking to improve your conversion rate, the collection of quantitative and qualitative data on your
brand, website and visitors is an essential and preliminary step. This data will focus above all on objectives
and Unique Proposition Selling, or the business value proposal: why should users choose you over your
Test phases enable you to best define factors which block or discourage your users before conversion takes place. Why do visitors to your website abandon before concluding their purchase? We'll define elements which block the completion of the action-objective, and set about correcting them.
Set-up, structure, codification
Collected data and information, as well as preliminary test results, will enable us to optimally set-up,
structure and codify your online instruments to favour conversion. We'll bring to life instruments which
satisfy both your own and user requirements, in terms of user experience, design and content.
Tests carried out for Conversion Rate Optimisation purposes are continuous and constant, as is the ongoing implementation of the strategy at hand. Therefore, we'll constantly assess the results of pursued actions, we'll measure increases in conversion and fine-tune until we hone in on, define and stabilise the winning strategy in order to achieve objectives.

Improving conversion means convincing your users

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