Branded Content

Communicate your value by conveying recognisable and differentiating content

Content marketing is an approach to marketing that is based on the creation, publication and distribution of content.
Branded content is content with a strong communicative identity and graphic impact.
They allow you to make your brand recognisable and make you stand out from your competitors.


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What is brand content marketing?
Between identity and engagement

Content marketing means focusing on content in your marketing strategy. These are the essence of your communication. We are talking about social posts, persuasive texts, photos, videos, infographics or white papers.

“Branded” content contains a communication immediately traceable to your company.
The key to a successful approach is to develop a unique communication, made up of recognisable language, a coherent tone of voice and a powerful graphic impact.

It is also crucial to develop your brand’s storytelling. This is the narrative that tells and represents your company: it is an essential element to involve your audience.

Branded content allows you to develop a strong brand identity and emerge from competitors.

Why making your content branded? 3 fundamental advantages

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Position your content and differentiate from competitors

Emerge in your industry thanks to a unique online communication, with a strong visual impact and immediately recognisable messages.

Develop brand awareness and recognition

Increase brand awareness, and your company’s reputation, and improve online recognition and visibility.

Generate engagement, engage users and build loyalty

Engagement is your audience’s involvement. By transporting useful and interesting content, you can develop relationships of trust with users, making them participate in the narration of your brand.

Enhance your content!


How to make your voice unique?
The concept of communication

To make yourself recognisable, you need to develop the concept of your communication. This is the set of ideas that define and guide each of your messages.

All this goes from different activities:

Storytelling & copy strategy

Storytelling is your company’s narrative, the story told by your brand. Marketing is really a matter of stories: these involve the public, differentiate you and define your image.

Copy strategy is a document that outlines your communication, identifying language, tone of voice, key messages and elements to focus on.

Graphic design

Visual communication is the essential element to define your content’s identity.

It’s the graphics that make your voice unique and recognisable: colours, images and shapes. All accompanied by the choice of the right words and the messages you intend to convey.

Content strategy

We will identify the content most in line with your communication needs.

What are the best formats to convey your messages? Social media posts, videos, images, infographics, whitepapers or anything else? Probably a blend of all these. The choice varies depending on your strategy, your audience and the digital channels in question.

Our experience

Our copywriters will define the concept of your communication, your storytelling and your identification messages. Our visual designers will translate all these ideas into graphics, with images, colours and shapes.

Here are our most successful case studies.


Successful content strategies

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