Brand Identity Design

Create your brand, differentiate yourself from competitors and emerge in your market

Give personality to your brand, building an image that enhances ideas, values and distinctive traits.
Communicate your uniqueness to the market and make your brand special, developing brand identity and visual design.
The purpose of branding is to make you recognisable in your industry, increase your authority and retain your audience.


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What is brand identity?
Your brand personality

Brand identity is the company image that you communicate to the market. It’s the way you introduce yourself to the world, your business card.

Branding allows you to make your company immediately recognisable, making it stand out among competitors. And above all, communicate your ideas, values and strengths directly, clearly and immediately.

It consists of both visual elements and graphic design, as well as words and concepts that define your company. Basically, name and logo. But that’s not all.

The definition of brand identity allows you to link your image to a series of values and meanings, as defined in the brand positioning path.

Why creating a brand identity? 3 advantages

Create your brand!


Differentiate from competitors and emerge in your market

Identify your distinguishing features, strengths and values. Then communicate them to the market through your brand, made of images, colours, shapes, ideas and differentiating messages.

Communicate the essence of your company and products

Make sure that when consumers hear your name and see your logo and colours, they connect directly to the values, meanings and feelings you want to convey.

Build trusting relationships: engage and win over customers

Make your company and your products a guarantee for your customers. Make yourself immediately recognisable and build trusting relationships with your audience.

Create your brand!


How to define your brand?
Brand manual and coordinated image

Your brand identity passes first of all from your idea of communication and positioning.

Based on this, our visual designers will develop your brand manual. This document defines your coordinated image, that is, the set of graphic elements that visually communicate your company. Here they are:

Naming and payoff

Naming is your brand name. It must reflect your company, identity and products, as well as be distinctive and easy to remember.

The payoff, or tagline, is a short phrase that tells directly and concisely who you are, what you do or what your character is. All with a distinctive and memorable impact communication.

Logo and graphic design

Your brand’s visual communication mainly depends on the logo and style of your design.

The logo is your graphic brand, the symbol to make you recognisable and to distinguish yourself from competitors. Your brand design includes the colours, shapes, fonts, and style you choose to link to your communications.

Stationery Package

This is the design of all the elements that will represent your company.

Then business cards, catalogues, folders, document holders, letterhead, envelopes and gadgets of all kinds. As you may have understood by now, images, shapes and colours communicate without using language and words. And often they are even more effective.

Our experience

The synergy of work between our graphic designers and our copywriters is the secret to delineating successful brand identity and communication ideas.
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