Traditional construction discovers new channels

Schiavi Spa, a construction company now in its fifth generation, is specialized in civil and industrial, public and private buildings and actively contributes to the evolution of the quality standards of the real estate market. Customer satisfaction, together with high-quality building and energy savings, are the prerogatives of the brand.

The challenge we took up with Schiavi Spa was aimed to improve the online image and visibility of a company that was already a leader in its industry. A mix of services that included the design of a new corporate website, more modern, clear and user-friendly and constantly updated with news about construction sites and new units for sale. The brand image on social media was also completely restyled. 

“A profitable partnership with a professional, kind and always available team” are the words spent on us by Mario Schiavi, head of the company’s technical office. Thanks to the analysis of the brand competitors and to the constant communication with out client we have managed to enhance its online reputation and projects.

Case study in 3 steps


Increased online visibility and brand image


New website, Social Network, Adv


Increased brand reputation and fanbase