Website Development

Schiavi: project overview

Schiavi Spa is a historic construction company that has currently reached its fifth generation. It deals with civil and industrial, public and private constructions and actively contributes to the qualitative evolution of the real estate market.

Schiavi’s goal was to renew its company, evolving its digital marketing and sales strategy. The challenge was thus to attract new contacts as targets and win them over, converting them into clients.


Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is magnetic marketing. It is based on sharing valuable content with the target audience. Its goal? To attract new users, provide them with the right content and win them over, converting them into clients.


Social media advertising & Google Ads

For Schiavi we created social media ad campaigns specifically focusing on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Our Naxa specialists will soon develop a Google Ads promotion strategy. Its goal will be to increase traffic to the Schiavi website and generate new leads thanks to ads on search engines.


What thye say

“We have been working with Naxa for many years, and we have developed a fruitful collaboration. The team is professional, kind and always available. They’re very proactive as well. This is a crucial quality for a company like us, working in a field where knowing how to renew itself is very important to meet the new challenges of the market.”