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Provasi: project overview

Provasi is a historic manufacturer of fine furniture pieces. It has been in business for over fifty years and has obtained international fame and success. Provasi is synonymous with elegance, style and quality.

Provasi wanted to consolidate and expand its international presence, focusing on customer experience. This choice aimed to attract new customers, impress them and differentiate the brand from its competitors, retaining its audience.


Virtual Reality / 3D Tour

Provasi chose to focus on one of the most decisive trends for marketing in the furniture & design industry: virtual reality.

We took photos and videos of the Provasi showroom, digitizing it and recreating it online, thus allowing users to take virtual 3D tours in the setting.

provasi virtual reality 3d

Photos and videos / Provasi TV

Provasi has chosen to enhance its furniture and environment thanks to a video strategy. The brand opted for a decidedly inviting style to present its design furniture: videos with dark colors where the pieces stand out thanks to different plays of light.

The various videos were then collected on Provasi TV, a specific streaming section of its website.

provasi photos and videos tv

Omnichannel communication

Naxa developed an online communication strategy by positioning the brand on different channels. We designed the web platform, developed a newsletter and launched the brand on social media. In particular, Provasi chose to be present on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest & LinkedIn.

We adopted specific languages and communication strategies for each different channel according to the various target audiences presiding the platforms.

provasi communication
provasi omnichannel communication

SEO, Google Ads & social media advertising

Naxa created an omnichannel strategy to promote Provasi.

The first step was to take care of the website’s SEO. The process included several activities aimed at improving the organic positioning of the website on Google search results.

We then took care of paid ad campaigns. We chose Google Ads for lead generation targeted ad campaigns, opting instead for social media for reach our goals in awareness, engagement and remarketing campaigns.

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