Keyword: performance

PolyPiù is the first Italian company that, since the late 1970s, has been manufacturing alveolar polycarbonate systems. Through the years, the company has chosen to always keep up with market demands by designing and manufacturing curtain walls, modular systems and polycarbonate coverings both for the industrial and DYI sectors. 

When the client contacted us, he was dissatisfied because his website didn’t perform in a useful way. Therefore, he needed a clear improvement for a better ranking on search engines.

Naxa designed a new website aimed at a better user experience and also invested in a SEO strategy that could bring more traffic to the website. To date, the SEO strategy designed by Naxa brings up to 80% of website requests, a factor that has especially satisfied our client. Ay the end of 2019, PolyPiù subscribed to our Inbound package and further trusted us with his digital marketing strategies. 

Case study in 3 steps


To receive leads from the website


New website and SEO strategy


A significant increase in requests from the website