The packaging industry lands online

Pentapackaging is specialized in the distribution of packaging solutions manufactured by the leading European companies. The distinguishing feature of the company resides in its articulated range of products for the management, storage and handling of potentially dangerous goods and substances.

In 2015, Pentapackaging relied on Naxa after expressing lack of satisfaction with the number of leads coming from the Internet, likely caused by a confused and disorganized website that couldn’t convey the seriousness and professionalism of the company.

Naxa designed a strategy that led to the new corporate website: in 2019, the new website recorded 54,861 accesses, 84% more than in 2018, as well as a net increase in web contacts – from zero in 2015 to 494 between January and September 2019.

The case study in 3 steps


To receive leads from the website


New website, SEO and Adv


A significant increase in requests from the website