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Named: project overview

Named is a leading company in the natural medicine sector. For over thirty years, it has been producing and marketing food supplements aimed at customers looking for effective and safe solutions for their ailments. In addition, Named introduced an innovative concept of natural medicine in Italy, promoting health and well-being way beyond the mere resolution of the symptom.

The company’s challenge? Lead generation and a digital strategy capable of continuously acquiring new in-target contacts.


Inbound Marketing & Automation

For Named, we chose to design an Inbound strategy. It’s all about magnetic marketing: it allows you to attract new users by sharing valuable and interesting content.

Named’s strategy also involved HubSpot: it is the marketing software par excellence, capable of automating communication, marketing and sales activities, thus increasing performance.


Google Ads, programmatic campaigns & social media ads

We created a multi-channel promotional strategy to generate leads and increase brand awareness, reach, and website traffic.

The channels chosen were Google Ads, then ads on search results pages and YouTube, programmatic campaigns, i.e., Ads on third-party websites and social media campaigns, particularly on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


SEO / Google organic positioning

To complete our strategy, we took care of the SEO of the Named website: it is its organic optimization for search engines.

The result? Improved organic positioning on Google results pages, increased reach, traffic and brand awareness.

named social media


Our careful training process provided valuable support to the company. We scheduled regular meetings with Named professionals and shared our knowledge and skills with them.

What the client says about us

“A well-trained, competent and attentive staff, able to develop customized projects in every aspect.”

Alessandra Bani


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