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Website Development

Lualdi: project overview

Lualdi is a historic Italian company that operates in the furniture & design industry. The brand specializes in designing and manufacturing interior doors and custom-made furniture. The company is famous internationally: in addition to its historic showroom in Milan, Lualdi is also present in New York and Miami.

Lualdi wanted to consolidate its leadership on an international level, distinguishing itself from its competitors and increasing its brand awareness.


Content marketing

We refreshed Lualdi’s online communication, creating an omnichannel strategy


Naxa created and distributed content using different channels in a strategic and coordinated way. In detail, the channels managed included the website, blog, landing pages and social media platforms.


Social media advertising

Lualdi activated a complete strategy to promote itself online on social channels. The goal was to improve brand awareness, reach and engagement.


Naxa created customized ads based on target audience and channels, optimizing the performance of the campaigns.