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Joker Boat: project overview

Joker Boat is an Italian company that operates in the marine/nautical sector. Since its foundation in 1979, the company has been synonymous with innovation in the design and manufacturing of small boats. Over time, the business has expanded, increasing its offer by offering high-quality services and even renting inflatable boats.

Joker Boat’s challenge was to make itself known online, increase its brand awareness, website traffic and customers. In order to reach the company’s goals, we developed a complete digital marketing strategy.


Website restyling

Joker Boat needed a new guise, a new way to present herself to her audience and communicate its value.

Naxa took care of the restyling of the brand’s website, mainly focusing on its web design and user experience. Our goal was to create a more straightforward, accessible and high performing website, thus increasing its effectiveness in generating leads.  


Ecommerce strategy

We developed an e-commerce strategy to launch Joker Boat’s branded products online. We focused on three product lines: Joker Boat Merchandising, Barracuda Merchandising (dedicated to the company’s line of fishing boats) and Consumables (accessories and spare parts for inflatable boats).

We included various product pages and designed an integrated strategy for online sales.


Social media marketing & branded content

Naxa promoted the brand on social media through a targeted strategy. It was paramount that the new corporate communication respected the characteristics and values of the brand.

We also focused on Joker Boat branded content. Our goal was to increase brand recognition on social networks and create communication and imagery consistent with the company’s values.


SEO / Google organic positioning

To optimize the brand’s website performance and increase traffic, we took care of the SEO and various technical aspects.

We positioned Joker Boat’s website for the appropriate keywords, in line with the company’s requirements and the main features of its buyer personas.


What the client says about us

“Naxa is a competent and reliable partner, supporting us with its flexibility and always recommending the best, tailor-made solutions.”

Cinzia Grottoli

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