New appeal for high-quality doors and windows

Italserramenti is a young and dynamic company based in Chiari, Brescia. It is considered among the ten largest companies in Italy in the manufacturing of doors and windows. State-of-the-art tools and technologies allow the design of products characterized by the highest standards of quality, that guarantee energy savings and thermoacoustic comfort. 

The client needed a greater online visibility to convert visitors into leads and encourage the online requests of quotes. Our work aimed to increase Italserramenti’s brand awareness while, at the same time, to analyze the communication and advertising strategies used by the company’s main competitors. We operated on several fronts, through a SEO strategy, high-quality content, website usability and newsletters sent to carefully selected databases. Finally, we rationalized the navigation paths of the website to provide a better user experience to visitors. 

Andrea Galli, Italserramenti Export Manager, comments: “For us, Naxa means safety: such a trained and always available team! They are not just suppliers, but partners!”

Case study in 3 steps


Increased online visibility


New website and Lead Generation


Increased brand reputation and over 500 sales contact per year through the web