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Excellence Dental Network: project overview

Excellence Dental Network (IMI-EDN) is a network of dental centers present throughout Italy. The network shares the continuous pursuit of excellence in high technologies and innovative treatments. The dental centers partnering with the IMI-EDN brand specialize in the treatment of periodontal disease using innovative techniques.

EDN’s challenge was to find new target customers, create relationships with them and retain them. Winning your audience’s trust is in fact a fundamental aspect in the health sector.


Inbound Marketing

We created an Inbound Marketing strategy for EDN.

This approach to digital marketing is based on attracting potential customers by sharing valuable and engaging content the audience can be drawn to. Such strategy allows the content to position itself as a reference point in the sector, to win new customers and retain them.


Brand Communication

Together with EDN, we defined the new pillars of the brand’s communication. We built such pillars on the brand’s values, target audience and overall goals.

We opted for a specific and unambiguous language that was clear and understandable for all users.


Content Marketing

We took care of the development of EDN’s branded content: blog articles, videos on YouTube, social media and website, posts on Facebook & Instagram, landing pages on the website and email marketing campaigns.

We primarily focused on blog content, with articles able to answer users’ questions about oral hygiene, dental problems and medical care.


Google Ads & social media advertising

To complete its strategy, Naxa developed an advertising strategy aimed at EDN’s goals.

We created Google Ads and social media promotional campaigns. As a result, the brand has been promoted on Google search pages, YouTube, Facebook & Instagram, increasing brand awareness and website visits.


What they say

“Naxa’s consultants are always ready to lend a hand and proactively manage the needs and wishes of their clients. After ten years of collaboration, we could not be more satisfied. “

Margherita Martelli

Excellence Dental Network

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