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Duemme Garden: project overview

Duemme Garden is a garden furniture retailer that has been on the market for almost fifty years. The company’s charming showroom offers luxury and high-end brands. It is a fundamental reference point for the sector in the area. The brand also wants to convey an ecological message, prompting its audience to protect and enhance the environment by choosing eco-sustainable and eco-compatible products.

Duemme Garden’s goals revolved around enhancing the physical store, expanding the targeted audience and creating a solid digital presence.


Website development

To intercept new target customers, impress them and draw them to the store, Naxa advised Duemme Garden to develop a new website and refresh the brand’s digital communication.

Our web design focused on a clean and clear style, able to enhance the photographs of the rooms and furniture.

duemme garden website

SEO / Google organic positioning

Thanks to the SEO activity, we positioned the Duemme Garden website on Google for the keywords relating to outdoor furniture. By taking care of the technical aspects of the website, we also improved the platform’s performance.

Today, SEO is the channel that brings more contacts to the company. This result was also obtained through local SEO, i.e., by geographically positioning the business on Google, both on the map and the search engine.


Google Ads & social media advertising

Over the years, we have dealt with several social media ad campaigns for Duemme Garden, particularly on Facebook and Instagram.

Recently, Naxa has been taking care of the brand’s Google Ads campaigns. Our goal is to carry out lead generation activities and intercept new potential customers in the area.

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