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Antica Acetaia Dodi: project overview

Antica Acetaia Dodi is a company in the province of Reggio Emilia that produces top-quality balsamic vinegar. Experience and tradition are the pillars of Antica Acetaia Dodi: the company’s origins date back over a hundred years ago.

The company had two challenges: to improve its digital presence and to start selling online to end consumers.

acetaia dodi project overview

Website development

We developed the company’s new website, taking care of its navigation, user experience (UX) and web design.

After closely communicating with Acetaia Dodi, we decided to focus heavily on images. Therefore, the website has a clean visual design, which alternate written content with photographs of vinegar, vineyards and products.


Virtual reality / 3D tour

To increase the Antica Acetaia Dodi’s brand awareness, we have created a virtual tour of the establishment.

Users can virtually visit the vinegar cellar, exploring the place where the Emilian balsamic vinegars come to life. This is a great opportunity to distinguish the brand and involve users on the website. 

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